Aka Tsukimori / 우빈



Curious, Dreamer and Maker ✏️

Designer & Blogger

Belfort 📌 France 🇫🇷

27 years old


Key expertise

🚀 My vision

I'd like to use the design to mix the French, Japanese and Korean cultures at first. And why not, in the long-term and with the help of some artists, others asian countries.

But also for it to be a vector of hope such as football (or others sports) for young people that we can see today.

Resume + Education

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Graphic designer, I'm passionate about some fields like design, art and photography!

My name's Kevin aka Tsukimori / 우빈 and I work in different specialties whether about Print (Business cards, Flyers, Magazine, etc.), Web, Illustration, Branding and 3D.

I love to learn new things because I'm curious and it allows me to be more flexible with different teams and work well together. But also and mostly, try the new technologies and think about their uses for the design, communication and marketing.

I'd like to work with some asian artists to mix our cultures and try new experiences. It could be interesting.


[Read books about Fantasy, Scifi and Biography](https://tsukimori.notion.site/Read-books-about-Fantasy-Scifi-and-Biography-2bd703efdaf2447b9fb4fca01450cea6)

[Write some scenarios for the video games or short movies](https://tsukimori.notion.site/Write-some-scenarios-for-the-video-games-or-short-movies-b3fd2c4b1e014dfaa06a3e1178a75e66)

[Take photographies](https://tsukimori.notion.site/Take-photographies-79928de8d95f426d861232921996b3b3)

[Learn about the Japanese and Korean culture/history 🇯🇵 🇰🇷](https://tsukimori.notion.site/Learn-about-the-Japanese-and-Korean-culture-history-70bdbc06fbae4071be40fa360d22dc71)

[Take care about my dog](https://tsukimori.notion.site/Take-care-about-my-dog-ee53cfd05c6e41f3aeb7162f2b82bcfd)